Creative Istanbul Workshops
Creative Istanbul Workshops

The YEKON Creative Istanbul Workshops is a platform which aims to bring together the various sectors within the creative industries eco-system under a multi-disciplinary approach. The aim was for enterprises, universities, local administrations and employers active in the creative industries sector to meet at this common platform to participate in activities under four main areas to create a wider awareness of the added value creative industries make to the national economy.

The Project was funded by the Istanbul Development Agency in the scope of the 2012 Financial Support Programme for the Development of Creative Industries for Non-Profit Organisations and implemented by the YEKON Association of the Council of Creative Industries with the partnership of the Culture City Foundation, Advertisers Association, Turkish Public Relations Association, Turkish Graphic Designers Association and Direct Marketing Experts Association, with the support of the Beyoğlu Municipality, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul Şehir University and Istanbul Bilgi University.

During the 9 month project duration, four workshops had been conducted to contribute to the theme areas of creative economy, design, intellectual property and production/design with the participation of organisation in the sector of creative industries, academia and local authorities. With this aim, the Culture City Foundation organised the Workshops for Beyoğlu Producers and Creative Industries, with the cooperation of the Beyoğlu Municipality. In this scope, the following had been organised:

Meetings regarding the current situation and identification of problems

Meetings to bring solution with recommendations

Partnership Meetings to encourage creativity and innovative collaboration