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What is it ?

Primarily on local governments and public institutions is aimed by this master program which is created by Municipality of Beyoğlu. This program is about needed for in the management of cities in the academic and practical training through the training of qualified human resources to contribute to the generated with Culture City Foundation and Istanbul Aydın University's cooperation.

 What is for it ?

Because of opened for future of Brand Cities. Also, Brand Cities Academy High Degree Program outlines own vision that the contribution of Brand Cities to improve the country's economy with new philosophies, systems and strategies to produce own values. Culture City Foundation Foundation is opened lodge for education because of contribution this academic program.

 Cooperate with whom ?

Brand Cities Academy Master Program, Istanbul Aydın University - in cooperation with the Culture City Foundation Foundation will be held with the support of the Municipality of Beyoğlu.

When will it be ?

Brand Cities Academy High Degree Program has been started in February 2012 as a one-year Master's program. Academic and practical work will take place in the program that it will include academics and representatives of local governments.

What did we do ?

Culture City Foundation, Beyoğlu Municipality, and Istanbul Aydın University has signed a cooperation protocol. The program has been started in February 2012. We have 25 students. We plan to increase number of students to 70 in September 2012.

Enrollments start.

For more information and registration!
Last date of application : 01/30/2012
Address : İstanbul Aydın University's Institute of Social Sciences Beşyol Mah. İnönü Avenue No:38 Sefaköy – ISTANBUL Phone Number : 444 1 428
Education Center : Culture City Foundation Foundation’s Lodge, Tom Tom mah. Yeniçarşı Street No:28 Beyoglu / ISTANBUL