Beyoglu Bibliopoles' FestivalWhat is it ?

First one took place in 2010 with the coordination of Municipality of Beyoglu and Beyoglu Bibliopoles with the opening of Galata Bibliopoles' Festival with the application Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism of Istanbul City Ahmet Emre Bilgili, Mayor of Beyoglu President Ahmet Misbah Demircan, and Minister of Tourism Ertugrul Gunay.

24 Bibliopoles in Beyoglu exhibited and sold their precious books on the stands all over Galata Tower for a week, and this is written in own history. Secondly, the festival which will take place in 2011 September which is with the cooperation of Municipality of Beyoglu, Ministry of Culture, and Culture City Foundation Foundation.

Beyoglu Bibliopoles' FestivalWhy do we do ?

Culture City Foundation Foundation is a party of this project in the purpose of encouraging by bibliopole who are really important and increasing the awareness of the importance of reading for teenagers. We found these projects for those kinds of jobs to do find life for the history also.



Beyoglu Bibliopoles' FestivalWith whom we do this ?

It's organizing with the cooperation of Beyoglu Bibliopoles' Festival, Culture City Foundation Foundation, Municipality of Beyoglu, and Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

When ?

This festival which is taken place once in the year will be occurred in September 2011.


Beyoglu Bibliopoles' Festival Beyoglu Bibliopoles' Festival