Intercultural Art DialoguesWhat is it ?

Intercultural art dialogues was firstly organised by Municipality of Beyoğlu in 2010 to bring all art representatives together from different countries and cultures. Between the dates of June 14th-24th, 2011 the second organisation by Municipality of Beyoğlu and the Culture City Foundation was occurred in Galata Tower, and 62 activities were exhibited from 17 countries and 33 cities.



Intercultural Art DialoguesWhy we are doing this ?

The most important mission of the Culture City Foundation is to organise and support project that refers intercultural dialogues. Art is a great fundamental which makes different cultures become closer, trivializes diversity, and brings tolerance and dialogue to the stage. As a Culture City Foundation, we support this kind of projects that puts different cultures from different countries into same page.



Intercultural Art DialoguesWho are we doing with ?

Intercultural Art Dialogues is the project of Beyoğlu Municipality that occurred firstly in 2010. The Culture City Foundation was included in project in 2011 and accomplished by cooperation of Beyoğlu Municipality and the Culture City Foundation.



Intercultural Art DialoguesWhen are we doing this ?

Intercultural Art Dialogues are organised only for once in a year and planned to make this organisation in every year of June. The second Intercultural Art Dialogues occurred with 62 activities by the participants from 17 countries and 33 cities in between June 14th-24th, 2011.




Intercultural Art DialoguesWhat did we do ?

By the cooperation of Beyoğlu Municipality and the Culture City Foundation, from 4 continents, 17 countries, and 33 cities, there were overall 62 activities met with natives of İstanbul in June between the dates of 14th-24th, 2011. "2.Intercultural Art Dialogues" had started with a gorgeous opening by the participation of İstanbul Governor of a Province, Hüseyin Avni Mutlu. "During 10 days, Beyoğlu will transfer its accumulation to the world and the world's accumulation will blow as an art wind." The Mayor, Demircan said.

"2.Intercultural Art Dialogues" started with a magnificent opening in Galata Tower Square. The Governor of a Province Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, the Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan, The USA Consul General of İstanbul Scott Frederic Kilner, The South Korea Consul General of İstanbul Hong Jong-Kyoung and Germany General Counsul of İstanbul Brita Wagener attended to the opening.

Intercultural Art Dialogues70 Young Musicians Gave a Concert

The first shot of opening with full of strong interest of İstanbul natives was belonging to youth band of Beyoğlu Municipality. It was the first time that 70 person orchestra was on the stage for the natives of İstanbul and this orchestra was directed by the chief virtuoso, Muhammed Yıldırım who could successfully reflect all the worldwide colours of music to the audience. The best song of the opening was the Italian song of orchestra which was played with a luth. The youth band who are between the ages of 7-18 faced with a huge cheering at the end of one hour concert in Galata Tower Square.


The Jazz Experts were in Galata

In the opening, the America Pittsfield city and the Municipality of Beyoğlu had signed a protocol of fraternity and decided to make intercultural cooperation each other. The opening night had moved on with The American Jazz band Sister City Jazz Ambassadors' concert while there was a visual feast in square. This visual feast was made up of French photographer Jean Arakelian's photos that included cities around the world.

Intercultural Art DialoguesFlamenco, Music and Words were together

The Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan was the host of whole activities and also the Spain Consul General of İstanbul Aurelio Perez Giraldo, the Assistant of Mission Chief of Mexico Ambassadorship Hector Manuel Rodriguez Arellano and the Director of Cervantes Institute Antonio Gilde Carasco attended to the celebrations. Latin dances were part of the celebrations that turns Galata Square into a huge visual festival and the performance was belong to dance expert of the Flamenco, Manuel Renia. His inspiring dance made everyone excited that ended up great cheerings. The educators of Cervantes Institute came up with enjoyable activities for the ones who wanted to learn Spanish at elementary level referring Spanish games, Learn a Word and Spanish Turkey performances.

During the 10 days, from America to France, from Korea to Georgia, the art disciplines that many different cultures had came up with brought İstanbulites together through the activities in Galata Tower and different points of Beyoğlu.