Democracy Generation Project
Democracy Generation Project

Demokrasi Kuşağı ProjesiThe “Democracy Generation Project” was a project of the Culture City Foundation, to be jointly implemented by the Beyoğlu Municipality and the Beyoğlu District Directorate of Education between September 2013 - May 2014.

The project aimed to contribute to Beyoğlu’s long tradition of multi-cultural lifestyle by developing and raising awareness of democracy and human rights in secondary education level students.

Activities had been implemented within the scope of the project to encourage creative outputs, produced together with their peers in democratic and safe environments in which they can express themselves freely.

The target group of the Democracy Generation Project is secondary education level students between the ages 14-18. The activities of the Project included conducting art workshops, an orchestra, democracy and human rights workshops, cultural trips and video workshops. The participation of secondary education students of the Beyoğlu District had been on a voluntary basis.

The majority of activities to be conducted in the duration of the project took place at the Democracy and Human Rights Centre to be established within the Beyoğlu Youth Centre. Other cultural and arts premises of Beyoğlu was also be used from time to time throughout the project.

The Democracy Generation Project, implemented for the first time in 2013, ended in May 2014 with a concert organized for the performance of the Democracy Orchestra and artistic performances as a result of the workshop activities.