Informed Families, Healthy Generations Project
Informed Families, Healthy Generations Project

The “Informed Families, Healthy Generations Project” was undertaken at the Okmeydanı, Hacıahment and Yenişehir District Mansions, implemented with the cooperation between the Beyoğlu Municipality and the Culture City Foundation.

Funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation, this Project had been implemented between September 2012 - June 2014 and contributed to the raising of healthy generations by providing seminars and training at the three District Mansions and psychological counselling services at the Counselling Centre of the Okmeydanı Youth Centre for especially parents with children of the early childhood period (0-8 age group).

With the “Informed Families, Healthy Generations Project”, it was aimed to:

  1. Create a protective environment which contributes to the healthy and secure development of children between the ages 0-8 by informing families
  2. Ensuring sustainable changes in thinking and behaviour concerning the difficulties of raising children by providing psychological support and counselling for families
  3. Raise public awareness and knowledge by bringing the issue to agenda in the press, media and educational institutions


It was planned to implement the project by conducting activities in 4 main areas of activity and motivational group activities.

The planned activities was planned to be seminars with a wide participation, group work, establishment of a Psychological Counselling Centre and dissemination of Information Booklets.

Motivational group activities were a visit to and workshop at the Modern Art Museum, Mother-Child Picnic and a Bosporus Tour.

Informed Families, Healthy Generations Information Booklets

Positive Parenting
Physical and Psychological Violence
Protecting Our Children
Commonly Seen Psychological Problems in Children
Coping With Stressful Life Events
Counselling Centre Information Brochure
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Partnership Network to Prevent Violence Against Children

The Culture City Foundation has become a member of the “Partnership Network to Prevent Violence against Children”. There are 56 organisations and institutions as members of the Network established to facilitate and support rights-based monitoring and advocacy activities for the prevention of violence against women conducted by national and local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), universities and professional organisations. The Partnership Network began its activities after the signing of a protocol undersigned by the partners and aims to establish an efficient monitoring system for the prevention of violence against children. In this light, it is planned to carry out activities such as to develop monitoring indicators, to strengthen NGOs who will participate in monitoring and establish a communication network between them and to establish a data bank and communication system for information sharing.