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Moving the Information from Local to Government

The master Inspector of civil service Adnan Gursoy attempted as the educational guest to the Brand Cities Academy master program which was by the cooperation of Istanbul Aydin University, Culture City Foundation, and The Mayor of Beyoglu. In this educational program, Adnan Gursoy’s theme was moving the information from local to government. He explained the issue with this complimentary social security council, local administrations, and public administrations which was held under central management are the parts of public administrations which was involved in general management. Special provincial administrations are not totally local management administrations because of their services. Metropolitan municipalities do not want to give some competences to the local management administrations because they want to keep the competences in their hands. This decreases the service of the local ones. They have to ask to the center if they need to supply some services, locally. This will create dispute because it will longer period of supplying the service and also it will change the demand in long terms. Local problems should not be stretched so long. To apply to nearest agency will be the solution. In conclusion, the effectiveness of the service can only be measured by its process and responsiveness.