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‘‘BEYOGLU MEETINGS’’ welcomed Prof. Dr. Ilber Ortayli and Dr. Sinan Genim

Day talked about Istanbul’s administrative and settlement history in this program which was by the cooperation Mayor of Beyoglu, Culture City Foundation, and Pera Museum. It takes place every month. These months program’s theme was “In its 155. Year from the 6th Municiple office to Beyoglu the administration and settlement history” They made a conversation which will be the light above history.

The Travel True the Depths of History
Architect explained the history by photos as Beyoglu was the start line. Dr. Genim who had mentioned that Beyoglu is the special settlement zone by its own architect tune, gave some info about its changes. He told that Beyoglu is the ideal zone that will meet public service with it cosmopolite fundamental and European in parted architecture threw the 18th century. Ortayli explain the Mayor of Beyoglu’s history. He told that Beyoglu had chosen as the example one which had separated as 14 in 1857. The first president of the municipal of it was Osman Hamdi Bey from 1877 to 1878. The present president Ahmet Misbah Demircan gave the keynoter’s gift as he mentioned he was happy to there. Demircan also mention that the conversation was very fruitful, we will again be talking about Beyoglu with our precious keynoters.