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The Historical Process through Pera to Beyoğlu

By the cooperation of The Municipality of Beyoğlu, the Culture City Foundation and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in City, "Beyoğlu Meetings" was organised and three important names of Turkish literature and world science came together; Murat Belge, İskender Pala and Haluk Dursun. They all took natives of İstanbul for a historical journey through Beyoğlu streets.

Under the organisation of "Beyoğlu Meetings", the Beyoğlu Municipality and the Culture City Foundation cooperated to bring elites of the world of academy, art, culture, literature monthly. By the first conversation in 2012, they already stepped into the history. The conversation of "Through Pera to Beyoğlu" was hosted by the Beyoğlu Mayor, Ahmet Misbah Demircan, and with support by the Culture City Foundation in the building of the Ministy of Culture and Tourism in City. Murat Belge, İskender Pala and Haluk Dursun gave an enjoyable speech about Beyoğlu history with historical stories during two hours.

Prof. Dr. Belge : Beyoğlu was formed after 1871

The program gave a start with Murat Belge’s speech after the opening speech of the Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan. He said that during the time of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, when Pera was garden, it became the place of Levantine's by Administrative Reforms. Prof. Dr. Belge while implying Beyoğlu was formed after 1871, said "Between the years of 1830 and 1871 a huge fire that happened two times destroyed the district with more than 3 thousand buildings and this created new opportunities to the new rich people and so that they could construct new buildings. After 1950s, new dynamics of İstanbul brought us to completely new Beyoğlu."

Prof. Dr. Pala : Fatih Sultan Mehmet used to write poems to Galata

He especially implying that Beyoğlu has a wide history and historical places and its people make this history very much special. He also pointed to the vividness and differences of Beyoğlu. While saying the people who have different religious, language and nations have also different worlds in their lives, also adding "The names of Pera, Galata and Beyoğlu had been used till the 19th century that the identities had started to become clear. "Galata" is also in the records of the president judge, 'Kadı'. It was used as "Pera" till the 18th century and the name of "Beyoğlu" has been sealed since 1925." Prof. Dr. Pala also touched on the history of Pera and Galata and implied that Fatih Sultan Mehmet was saying, "my own homeland", referring Galata and so that even he used to love this place as he could write poems to this place.

Doç. Dr. Dursun Told Stories about Galata

Doç. Dr. Haluk Dursun was agreeing to differentiate and combine the names of Galata, Pera, and Beyoğlu each other. Dursun, who implied the "Pera" as a first use, said that Galata identified with president judges, "kadı" and that the name of "Beyoğlu" has been set up after 1925. Beyoğlu could divide into three parts according to Dursun, these are the Galata zone which was the first settlement, with an old name "Cadde-i Kebir", with a current name "İstiklal Caddesi" Doç. Dr. Dursun moved on with an imaginery trip with the guests through Galata to Taksim and then to Tophane. During his speech, emphasized the importance of Beyazıt the second’s vision on the formation of Beyoğlu.

A Gift of Thanks from Demircan

Ahmet Emre Bilgili who are the Manager of Ministerial Office of Culture and Tourism in City, Prof. Dr. Mete Tapan, President of Monuments Board, the convocators and the plenty of Beyoğlu lovers joined to "Beyoğlu Meetings". The Beyoğlu Mayor, Ahmet Misbah Demircan was really pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Belge, Prof. Dr. Pala and Doç. Dr. Dursun and presented a gift of thanks to them. Demircan said, “We casted a new light on Beyoğlu through this speech in this evening. I was so pleased to hear this important information about Beyoğlu from you. As a Beyoğlu Municipality, there have been 4000 buildings which were restored in last 7 years. 10.000 historical buildings were safeguarded carefully in Beyoğlu. Besides, the Tarlabaşı project is still on the progress and its historical structure is still under the protection. When this project will be completed, it will leave its bad image and become much better place as İstanbul. We are in a good way for Beyoğlu."