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Future Generations met in Beyoglu, in Istanbul

Culture City Foundation and World Learning (based on Washington DC) jointly organized Next Generation Speaks Istanbul Forum with Mayor of BeyogluAhmetMisbahDemircan, World Learning’s CEO Adam Weinberg and the participation of young activists from 13 different countries held in Istanbul on June 4, 2012.
Next Generations Speak Forum program began with speeches of Mayor of BeyogluAhmetMisbahDemircan and World Learning’s CEO Adam Weinberg.
Lots of young activists which were coming from Bangladesh, Libya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Gambia, the United States and Turkey attended in Next Generation Speak Forum Istanbul. Participants quoted their struggles, problems, and their experiences of democratization in their countries. Specially the Middle East and Africa countries participants said that demand has started to emergein the field of democratization. After that they said the masses effort in this direction. In the light of these sentences, they said also the biggest problems are facing the educational system problems, unemployment, lack of resources, inadequate participation of civil society and politics, security problems, the problems experienced by women, such as lack of leadership issues and stated that the lack of coexistence and cooperation.

Mayor of BeyogluAhmetMisbahDemircan underlined the importance of democratization steps in Local Governments

In the opening speech on the forum, Mayor of Beyoglu Mr. AhmetMisbahDemircan underlined with examples that Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Albert Einstein achieved success and contributing world. After these examples, He noted that the importance of the demobilization of the young participants are already in line with targets.Mayor of BeyogluAhmetMisbahDemircan, Local governments are also great importance to the goal of democratization, democracy in local governments and the locale is not reaches the application centers cannot be said that the successful operation of any democracy.
Adam Weinberg, World Learning President said that we are happy to accomplish this forum which is called “Next Generation Forum Istanbul” in Istanbul. World Learning’s CEOAdam Weinberg said that when I look at their faces, Young people feel and express their happiness in the gains of democracy in Turkey. Turkey will become an important model for regional countries.